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FirmCamp Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int ai_build_neighbor_firm (int firmId)
int ai_combat_level_needed ()
void ai_del_firm ()
void ai_firm_captured (int capturerNationRecno)
int ai_has_excess_worker ()
int ai_recruit_worker ()
int ai_should_close ()
void ai_update_link_status ()
void assign_overseer (int overseerRecno)
void assign_unit (int unitRecno)
void assign_worker (int unitRecno)
virtual void auto_defense (short targetRecno)
int average_combat_level ()
int average_worker_skill ()
virtual void being_attacked (int attackerUnitRecno)
int can_assign_capture ()
int can_sell ()
int can_spy_bribe (int bribeWorkerId, int briberNationRecno)
int can_toggle_firm_link (int firmRecno)
int can_toggle_town_link ()
int can_worker_capture (int captureNationRecno)
void cancel_construction (char remoteAction)
void capture_firm (int newNationRecno)
virtual FirmBasecast_to_FirmBase ()
virtual FirmCampcast_to_FirmCamp ()
virtual FirmFactorycast_to_FirmFactory ()
virtual FirmFarm * cast_to_FirmFarm ()
virtual FirmHarborcast_to_FirmHarbor ()
virtual FirmInncast_to_FirmInn ()
virtual FirmMarketcast_to_FirmMarket ()
virtual FirmMinecast_to_FirmMine ()
virtual FirmResearchcast_to_FirmResearch ()
virtual FirmWarcast_to_FirmWar ()
void change_nation (int newNationRecno)
void clear_defense_mode ()
virtual void clear_ptr ()
void complete_construction ()
virtual UCHAR crc8 ()
int create_worker_unit (Worker &thisWorker)
int cur_commander_leadership (int bestRaceId=0)
void defense (short targetRecno, int useRangeAttack=0)
void defense_inside_camp (short unitRecno, short targetRecno)
void defense_outside_camp (short unitRecno, short targetRecno)
void deinit ()
void destruct_firm (char remoteAction)
void detect_info ()
void detect_info_both ()
void disp_info_both (int refreshFlag)
virtual void draw (int displayLayer=1)
int draw_detect_link_line (int actionDetect)
virtual void draw_frame (int frameId, int displayLayer=1)
virtual void draw_full_size (int displayLayer=1)
void draw_selected ()
void establish_contact_with_player ()
int find_settle_town ()
virtual char * firm_name ()
int get_closest_town_name_id ()
int get_should_set_power ()
float income_365days ()
virtual void init (int xLoc, int yLoc, int nationRecno, int firmId, const char *buildCode=NULL, short builderRecno=0)
void init_derived ()
void init_name ()
int is_in_zoom_win ()
virtual int is_operating ()
int is_worker_full ()
void kill_all_worker ()
void kill_builder (short builderRecno)
void kill_overseer ()
void kill_worker (int workerId)
int locate_space (int removeFirm, int &xLoc, int &yLoc, int xLoc2, int yLoc2, int width, int height, int mobileType=UNIT_LAND, int regionId=0)
char majority_race ()
void mobilize_all_worker (int leaderUnitRecno)
int mobilize_builder (short recno)
int mobilize_overseer ()
int mobilize_worker (int workerId, char remoteAction)
int new_commander_leadership (int newRaceId, int newSkillLevel)
void next_day ()
virtual void next_month ()
virtual void next_year ()
int own_firm ()
void patrol ()
int patrol_all_soldier ()
void process_ai ()
void process_animation ()
void process_common_ai ()
void process_construction ()
void process_repair ()
virtual void process_tell ()
virtual int pull_town_people (int townRecno, char remoteAction, int raceId=0, int forcePull=0)
void put_info (int refreshFlag)
virtual int read_derived_file (File *)
void release_firm_link (int)
void release_link ()
void release_town_link (int)
void resign_all_worker (int disappearFlag=0)
void resign_overseer ()
virtual int resign_worker (int workerId)
void restore_world_matrix ()
void reward (int workerId, int remoteAction)
virtual void sell_firm (char remoteAction)
int set_builder (short newBuilderRecno)
void set_employ_worker (char flag)
void set_worker_home_town (int townRecno, char remoteAction, int workerId=0)
void set_world_matrix ()
void setup_link ()
char * setup_years_str (int=0)
int should_show_info ()
int spy_bribe (int bribeAmount, short briber, short workerId)
int spy_bribe_succeed_chance (int bribeAmount, short briberSpyRecno, short workerId)
int think_build_factory (int rawId)
int think_hire_inn_unit ()
void think_repair ()
void toggle_firm_link (int linkId, int toggleFlag, char remoteAction, int setBoth=0)
void toggle_town_link (int linkId, int toggleFlag, char remoteAction, int setBoth=0)
int total_combat_level ()
void update_defense_unit (short unitRecno)
int validate_cur_bribe ()
virtual int write_derived_file (File *)
int year_expense ()

Public Attributes

short abs_x1
short abs_x2
short abs_y1
short abs_y2
short ai_capture_town_recno
char ai_link_checked
char ai_processed
char ai_recruiting_soldier
char ai_sell_flag
char ai_should_build_factory_count
char ai_status
short builder_recno
BYTE builder_region_id
short center_x
short center_y
short closest_town_name_id
short coming_unit_array [MAX_WORKER+1]
char coming_unit_count
char cur_frame
float cur_year_income
short defend_target_recno
DefenseUnit defense_array [MAX_WORKER+1]
char defense_flag
char employ_new_worker
char firm_ai
short firm_build_id
char firm_id
short firm_name_instance_id
short firm_recno
char firm_skill_id
float hit_points
char is_attack_camp
int last_attacked_date
float last_year_income
short linked_firm_array [MAX_LINKED_FIRM_FIRM]
char linked_firm_count
char linked_firm_enable_array [MAX_LINKED_FIRM_FIRM]
short linked_town_array [MAX_LINKED_FIRM_TOWN]
char linked_town_count
char linked_town_enable_array [MAX_LINKED_FIRM_TOWN]
short loc_x1
short loc_x2
short loc_y1
short loc_y2
float max_hit_points
short nation_recno
char no_neighbor_space
short overseer_recno
short overseer_town_recno
short patrol_unit_array [MAX_WORKER+1]
char patrol_unit_count
char player_spy_count
float productivity
char race_id
BYTE region_id
char remain_frame_delay
BYTE sabotage_level
char selected_worker_id
int setup_date
char should_close_flag
char should_set_power
char under_construction
char worker_count

Static Public Attributes

static short action_spy_recno
static char assassinate_result = 0
static char bribe_result = BRIBE_NONE
static char firm_menu_mode = FIRM_MENU_MAIN

Protected Member Functions

void add_income (int incomeType, float incomeAmt)
int assign_settle (int raceId, int unitLoyalty, int isOverseer)
int best_worker_id ()
void calc_productivity ()
int can_player_spy_capture ()
int construction_frame ()
void consume_food ()
int create_unit (int unitId, int townZoneRecno=0, int unitHasJob=0)
virtual void deinit_derived ()
void detect_assassinate_result ()
int detect_basic_info ()
void detect_bribe_menu ()
void detect_spy_button ()
void detect_spy_menu ()
int detect_worker_list ()
void disp_assassinate_result (int refreshFlag)
void disp_basic_info (int dispY1, int refreshFlag)
void disp_bribe_menu (int refreshFlag)
void disp_bribe_unit (int dispY1)
void disp_hit_point (int dispY1)
void disp_overseer_info (int dispY1, int refreshFlag)
void disp_spy_button (int x, int y, int refreshFlag)
void disp_spy_menu (int refreshFlag)
void disp_worker_info (int dispY1, int refreshFlag)
void disp_worker_list (int dispY1, int refreshFlag)
void draw_cargo (int cargoCount, char *cargoBitmapPtr)
void free_worker_room ()
void pay_expense ()
void process_independent_town_worker ()
void recruit_worker ()
void spy_bribe (int bribeAmount)
void think_worker_migrate ()
void update_loyalty ()
void update_worker ()
void worker_migrate (int workerId, int destTownZoneRecno, int newLoyalty)

Private Member Functions

void ai_attack_town_defender (Unit *)
int ai_capture_enemy_town (Town *targetTown, int defenseCombatLevel)
int ai_capture_independent_town (Town *targetTown, int defenseCombatLevel)
int ai_recruit (int combatLevelNeeded)
void ai_reset_defense_mode ()
int best_commander_race ()
void disp_camp_info (int dispY1, int refreshFlag)
void pay_weapon_expense ()
void process_ai_capturing ()
void recover_hit_point ()
void reset_attack_camp (int firmRecno)
void reset_unit_home_camp (int firmRecno)
void sort_soldier ()
int think_assign_better_commander ()
int think_assign_better_overseer (Town *targetTown)
int think_assign_better_overseer2 (int targetTownRecno, int raceId)
int think_attack ()
int think_attack_nearby_enemy ()
void think_capture ()
int think_capture_return ()
int think_capture_target_town ()
int think_capture_use_spy (Town *targetTown)
int think_capture_use_spy2 (Town *targetTown, int raceId, int curSpyLevel)
void think_change_town_link ()
void think_linked_town_change_nation (int linkedTownRecno, int oldNationRecno, int newNationRecno)
void think_recruit ()
int think_use_cash_to_capture ()
void train_unit ()
void update_influence ()
void validate_patrol_unit ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file OF_CAMP.h.

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